How much is it for the tour?

The tour is £8.50 per adult and £5.00 per child (Under 16)


Private tours are also available. Subject to availability.

Private tours prices depend on the size of the group and the tailored requirements or requests of the group booking. Please contact me for details via the contact page.

Private tours are suitable for school groups, corporate events, couples, families, friends outing, hen/stag parties and other occasions. 

What time does it start and how long does it last? 
Tours normally last 1 hour 30 mins though please allow some time if you are making plans for after the tour.
Start times vary throughout the year so check the diary via dates and times
above for more information.  
For private bookings the start times can vary between 6.30pm - 8.30pm. 
Extended tours are also available for private bookings and last 2 Hours.
*Please be aware that for the private bookings, times and dates are subject to availability so it is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment!
Is there a minimum for a private booking? How many people do I need to book? 

The minimum is 2. The maximum is 6 (Currently with Covid19. 6 people in attendance from no more than 2 households) 

School groups, college and university events come under the category of education and so can be a max of 30 but will be required to wear masks if they are the larger groups.  (Unless exempt under the exemption rules listed by the government) 

Full Covid19 Risk Assessment is available. 

Where does the tour start from and where does it end? 

The tour starts outside the front of St Michael le Belfrey next to the Minster and the Guy Fawkes Inn.  (High Petergate, York YO1 7EN) 

Please do not block the entrance or the roads!

On occasion there may be an event on at the church or someone has taken up the area for a one off gig, busking, etc. If this happens then panic not. Look for the guide in the top hat (Me) and I will take you around the corner to start the tour. 

The tour usually ends on the Shambles however occasionally if the Shambles is busy the tour may finish around close by. 

Is it suitable for children? 
The tour is suitable for most but rated PG as the stories are in depth and can be very dark and or gory. It is advised that it might not suitable for children under 8 years due to the fact it is a long walk for little legs and we don't want any potential sleepless nights for parents.
If you have any worries please contact me directly.
Otherwise children seem to be quite blood thirsty and love it!  

Is the tour suitable for wheelchairs? 

Yes, the tour follows a wheelchair friendly route. 

Are there any actors that jump out at you? 

No. There are no hidden actors on this tour. Though occasionally the odd spooky spectre does appear! 

How do I book? Can I just turn up? 

Simply click the 'Tickets' button above and follow the booking process.

Sadly the 'just turn up' days for this tour are over. Please book your tickets online.

For private bookings contact me via the contact page or call/text: 07967460567.

Email: and I will respond asap. Please remember to check your SPAM MAIL just in case! 

I can no longer make the tour. Can I get a refund?

Refunds are available up until 24 hours before the tour date.

 Please check your dates and times before booking.

Refunds for missed tours will not be refunded. Please plan your journey so that

you do not miss the tour. 

What if you cancel? Will I get a refund? 

Absolutely! Yes. Life happens and I am of the living type so not quite a ghost myself yet! But if in the event I have fallen severely ill, car accident, flooding, you know, everyday realistic human life incident that can happen to any of us and it is going to be physically impossible for me or another guide to attend then you will be notified by call/text/email and a full refund will be given with grovelling apologies. 

What if the weathers bad? 

Grab yourself an umbrella and warm coat. Come rain, sleet or snow the show (or tour) must go on!

Is there car parking close by? 

Indeed there is. Choose either below.


Castle Car Park. YO1 9SA 

Bootham Row Car Park. YO30 7BP 

Peel Street Car Park. YO1 9PZ

Marygate Car Park  YO30 7DT

For any other information please dont hesitate to contact me.