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Dan has a voice that is so charming it could be deadly!

He entered the world of Shadows of York in 2022 and has added to our collection of rave reviews.


Dan is an actor, comedian, voice over artist and worked as a tour guide for other attractions in the city. 

His experience includes working at the York Dungeons and recently performed as the lead character 'Victor' in the stage adaption of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.


Mackenzie is the owner of Shadows of York and tour guide.

An experienced tour guide and actress from York.

Her forte however is 'Scare' acting for which she won awards in 2014 and gained the title Scare Queen.

Mackenzie has also produced shows in the local area, written reviews for online magazine 'ScareTOUR' and also performs in murder mystery shows along with other theatre productions across the country. 

During the 8 years of running the tour she has won awards including  Trip Advisor, Choice Awards 'Best Small Attraction in York' 2019, Visit York Award 'Favourite Virtual York Lockdown Experience' 2021 and most recently Viator Experience Awards 2022 and 2023.


Josh, our newest guide to join the Shadows family.

He started tour guiding for us in Summer 2023.

Josh's background includes accountancy... thats it.

But during his time of being cooped up in a stuffy office, surrounded by numbers, tapping keyboards and tax avoiding rogues, his mind finally snapped. Sealing his fate into becoming a great story teller.

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